As a college student, I stumbled across two terrifying phenomena that I defined, named and told the world about: Shadow People® and Hat Man®. Both are demonic.

Shadow People® are dark beings who can shapeshift, aiming to blend with the night as they paralyze their victims. Hat Man® doesn’t always mind being seen and will step out from the shadows for you to get a good look. He wants you to revere him for being evil incarnate.

The message was grabbed by others and distorted causing harm to others. So, I trademarked these beasts to set the record straight to help in the right and best ways I can.

I have written books about them and have received thousands of letters. This series features some of your letters to demonstrate what a worldwide phenomenon this is. Feel free to write me with your Hat Man® Letters.

~Heidi Hollis

AKA, “The Woman Who Trademarked the Devil.”

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Heidi Hollis

Originating author of Shadow People®& Hat Man®. Host on the Coast to Coast AM Para Podcast Network on “Dark Becomes Light” VISIT: