The Hat Man® Letters: By the Woman Who Trademarked the Devil (Letter #2.5)

Heidi Hollis
6 min readNov 23, 2020

As a college student in 1995, I stumbled across two terrifying phenomena that I defined, named and told the world about: Shadow People® and Hat Man®. Both are demonic.

Shadow People® are dark beings who can shapeshift, aiming to blend with the night as they paralyze their victims. Hat Man® doesn’t always mind being seen and will step out from the shadows for you to get a good look. He wants you to revere him for being evil incarnate.

What’s a nice girl from Milwaukee to do? So I trademarked the S.O.B.s.

I have written books about them and have received thousands of letters. This series features some of your letters to demonstrate what a worldwide phenomenon this is and that there is hope in defeating this evil. Feel free to write me with your Hat Man® Letters via my site shown in the credits.

~Heidi Hollis

AKA, “The Woman Who Trademarked the Devil.”

Hi Heidi,

Thank you for answering my email on The Hat Man Letters (Letter #2) blog. You were wondering what crazy things have happened out-of-the-ordinary and I’m trying to think what has NOT happened. All that you mentioned has happened: Things have been thrown and moved on their own.

Once, I tried to talk to the energy while in a restaurant, I told it had lost and cannot be around us anymore. Suddenly, the table started moving in all directions for 10 minutes, the whole time I was talking! Another time, a glass of wine appeared on our table at home that didn’t belong to us. We went to sit down, that’s when my girlfriend got yanked and dragged along the floor while still sitting on the chair next to the glass. That’s when I got really angry and started playing Saint Michael’s prayers from my speakers and reciting the verses, while demanding it to leave.

That’s when things got really crazy because things got thrown around the room like glasses, knives and stones. Oddly, only small things have hit me like rocks or fruit, but big things like knives or bottles would miss and hit the wall. I still kept on going for about an hour that time, it looked like a warzone and took hours to clean-up afterwards. Then the next day I found my speaker outside next to…

Heidi Hollis

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