The Hat Man® Letters: By the Woman Who Trademarked the Devil (Letter #2)

Heidi Hollis
5 min readNov 22, 2020

As a college student in 1995, I stumbled across two terrifying phenomena that I defined, named and told the world about: Shadow People® and Hat Man®. Both are demonic.

Shadow People® are dark beings who can shapeshift, aiming to blend with the night as they paralyze their victims. Hat Man® doesn’t always mind being seen and will step out from the shadows for you to get a good look. He wants you to revere him for being evil incarnate.

What’s a nice girl from Milwaukee to do? So I trademarked the S.O.B.s.

I have written books about them and have received thousands of letters. This series features some of your letters to demonstrate what a worldwide phenomenon this is and that there is hope in defeating this evil. Feel free to write me with your Hat Man® Letters via my site shown in the credits.

~Heidi Hollis

AKA, “The Woman Who Trademarked the Devil.”

Photo by Frank Uyt den Bogaard on Unsplash

Letter #2:

Dear Heidi,

My girlfriend has some kind of dark entity, or strange force following her! It has been literally harassing us daily for more than two years!

We’ve got poltergeist activity that is not only active in one particular place, not even in one building. Instead, it’s something that follows her wherever she goes. We have even been able to communicate with it, where we put out a piece of paper and answers will just appear.

Sometimes the answers are understandable, other times, it’s like some kind of strange script or signs that we just don’t understand. We weren’t sure what we were dealing with — until recently. That’s when my girlfriend said she saw Hat Man in the mirror!

She saw Hat Man was drinking from both of our glasses, she was sure they were empty as she turned to quickly look in his direction. In the past, she has seen Hat Man many times before this, but she had no idea he was connected to all of this crazy stuff going on around us. Then for us to find out that this is a worldwide phenomenon where people see…

Heidi Hollis

Originating author of Shadow People®& Hat Man®. Host on the Coast to Coast AM Para Podcast Network on “Dark Becomes Light” VISIT: